Motosikal dan Enjin Nasional Sdn Bhd or in short MODENAS, is a Malaysian company that designs, develops and manufactures motorcycle. The Company was established in 1995 and delivered its first motorcycle in November 1996 named the Kriss110, a moped model. The first Kriss 110 was previewed to the public during the Malaysian National Day parade in 1996 and began mass production at the end of 1996. Having its operations based in a small town in Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia, the Company’s emblem is a silhouette of the famous Gunung Jerai, which can be viewed clearly from the factory.

With an investment of RM100 million, the MODENAS project was one of the fastest completed projects in the DRB-HICOM stable of companies. Building construction and infrastructure were completed in May 1996, within 9 months of the ground-breaking ceremony held in August 1995. In June 1996, the first pilot unit was rolled off the assembly facility. The Company’s majority share is held by DRB-HICOM with a 70% equity interest and 30% by Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. (KMC), Japan. MODENAS motorcycles are distributed by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Edaran Modenas Sdn Bhd or also known as EMOS.


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DRB-HICOM Berhad (“DRB-HICOM”) is one of Malaysia’s leading conglomerates with core businesses in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Banking, Postal, Services, and Property sectors. With 38 active companies in its stable and more than 49,000 employees group-wide, DRB-HICOM’s aim is to continue adding value and propelling the nation’s development. In the Automotive sector, DRB-HICOM is involved in the manufacturing, assembly and distribution of passenger and commercial vehicles, including the national motorcycle. In Aerospace and Defence, DRB-HICOM is involved through its subsidiaries CTRM and DEFTECH, while it is represented in the postal segment through its subsidiaries Pos Malaysia, and banking through Bank Muamalat. In the Services segment, DRB-HICOM is involved in various businesses, including concession, education, aviation and logistics and investment holdings whereas in Property, DRB- HICOM is involved in the development of industrial properties.


On October 1st, 2021, Motorcycle & Engine Company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), Ltd. officially formed a new subsidiary company named Kawasaki Motors, Ltd.(KMC), led by its first-ever president, Hiroshi Ito, a completely spin-off its motorcycle business.

KHI had chosen its historical River Mark as the official logo for its wholly owned subsidiary, KMC, to represent itself and the products under it. The logo heavily stylised design that riffs on the Japanese kanji for “kawa,” or “river.” In the grand Kawasaki story, the mark first debuted back in the 1870s. It was originally flown on the flags of ships owned by Kawasaki Tsukiji Shipyard, the business that is globally known as KHI today.

KHI was established by Shozo Kawasaki and has its root in the start of the shipbuilding business with the philosophy “we shall contribute to the nation with technologies”. After that, under the management of the first president, Kojiro Matsukata, it grew up to be one of the major industrial groups of those days in Japan, that handled not only shipbuilding, but also manufacturing rolling stock and aircraft, shipping, steelmaking and the publication of a newspaper.

The motorcycle & engine business of Kawasaki was one of the business units that Kawasaki Aircraft Co., Ltd., which was incorporated after KHI spun off Aircraft Division, started by utilizing air craft engine manufacturing technology. In 1960, Kawasaki Aircraft Co., Ltd. aligned with Meguro Manufacturing Company which had been manufacturing large engine motorcycles since 1924, and they produced motorcycles like the W1 series and the Z series by integrating technologies they had. Our company is one of the motorcycle manufacturers that have the longest history if including that of Meguro and “Kawasaki” is recognized as a long-established brand in the world.

Behind its long and rich history of mechanics in the heavy industries, the business that eventually brought us the Kawasaki motorcycles. Today, the brand is one of the oldest and prominent players in shaping the global two-wheel market at large and in the process, created many mighty legends based on the speed and power of its machines. As Kawasaki continues to "Let the good times roll," through challenges, legends will be born.


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HISTORY 1984 TO 2022

Since the arrival of the first Ninja in 1984, many models, in a great variety of shapes and sizes, have carried on the Ninja game. But they all had one thing in common; each model was designed to be the ultimate motorcycle in its class, each was the product of Kawasaki’s most innovative thinking and our latest technology. Pioneers of their time, the legendary models that comprise the Ninja heritage are listed here fo your perusal.