World Superbike Championship (WSBK)

About the Superbike World Championship

The Superbike World Championship, a series recognised by the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation), is the pinnacle of production-based road racing. Centred in Europe, the series travels around the globe, with riders competing in 13 rounds of two races each. The rider who accumulates the most points over the year becomes world champion. Races are contested by production-based machines powered by 4-stroke 2-cylinder engines with displacements up to 1200cc, or 3- or 4-cylinder engines with displacements up to 1000cc. Because race machine modifications are limited, race performance is seen as a reflection of the performance of production counterparts, contributing to the popularity of this series.

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Jonathan Rea #1

Date of Birth: 2 February, 1987
Nationality: British

Career Highlights

2016 1st Superbike World Championship
2015 1st Superbike World Championship
2014 3rd Superbike World Championship
2013 9th Superbike World Championship
2012 5th Superbike World Championship
2011 9th Superbike World Championship
2010 4th Superbike World Championship
2009 5th Superbike World Championship
2008 2nd Supersport World Championship
2007 2nd British Superbike Championship
2006 4th British Superbike Championship
2005 16th British Superbike Championship


Tom Sykes #66

Date of Birth: 19 August, 1985
Nationality: British

Career Highlights

2016 2nd Superbike World Championship
2015 3rd Superbike World Championship
2014 2nd Superbike World Championship
2013 1st Superbike World Championship
2012 2nd Superbike World Championship
2011 13th Superbike World Championship
2010 14th Superbike World Championship
2009 9th Superbike World Championship
2008 4th British Superbike Championship
2007 6th British Superbike Championship
2006 2nd British Supersport Championship
2005 5th British Supersport Championship
2004 6th British Supersport Championship
2003 8th British Supersport Championship


Ninja ZX-10RR

With race regulations becoming more limiting every year, the importance of a machine’s performance in stock trim is growing. With this in mind, Kawasaki will be fielding the Ninja ZX-10RR, which improves upon the circuit potential of the Ninja ZX-10R, in the 2017 season. Jonathan Rea, defending champion for the second consecutive year, and teammate Tom Sykes, 2nd overall in 2016, will contest the 2017 season on the all-new Ninja ZX-10RR.

Designed to deliver race-winning circuit performance, the new Ninja ZX-10RR further elevates the potential for victory in the Superbike World Championship care of numerous updates that complement the strong acceleration and sharp handling of the already formidable Ninja ZX-10R. A high-rigidity crankcase and modified cylinder head were both designed with a race-tuned engine in mind. A new quick shifter allows both clutchless upshifts and downshifts. And forged Marchesini wheels designed specifically for the Ninja ZX-10RR contribute to even quicker direction changes. Features inherited from the Ninja ZX-10R include Kawasaki’s next-level electronic engine and chassis management systems, the high-spec Balance Free Front Fork that features the same construction used on Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes’ race machines, and its potent Brembo brake package.

2017 World Superbike Championship Result


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2017 Superbike World Championship Race Calendar

Round 01 2017/02/26 Australia >>
Round 02 2017/03/12 Thailand >>
Round 03 2017/04/02 Spain >>
Round 04 2017/04/30 Netherlands >>
Round 05 2017/05/14 Italy >>
Round 06 2017/05/28 Great Britain >>
Round 07 2017/06/18 Italy >>
Round 08 2017/0709 United States >>
Round 09 2017/08/20 Germany >>
Round 10 2017/09/17 Portugal >>
Round 11 2017/10/01 France >>
Round 12 2017/10/22 Spain >>
Round 13 2017/11/04 Qatar >>
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