Following up on the any-street promise of its predecessor, the new Versys 1000 continues to offer maximum riding enjoyment across a wide variety of street riding situations. Whether riding solo or two-up, around the corner or around the globe, this fun-to-ride road sports bike’s unique combination of a highly responsive In-Line Four engine tuned for flexibility, and a nimble chassis fitted with dynamic suspension will have riders grinning in their helmets. Add in the upright riding position and you have package that really comes into its own on twisty mountain roads. For 2016, its new styling package better reflects this fun, sporty nature, while a number of updates to the chassis and a host of new accessory items make it easier for Versys owners to ride longer and farther.


• Liquid-cooled   • 4-stroke In-Line Four   • DOHC 16-valve   • Digital Fuel Injection   • 1,043 cm3   • 6-speed
• KTRC   • 250 kg

KTRC (3-mode)

(Kawasaki Traction Control)

Kawasaki's most advanced traction control system offers a selection of modes to suit a variety of riding situations, from sport riding to touring.

Power Modes

Power Mode selection allows engine power delivery to be changed to suit the riding situation.

Lightweight & Compact ABS unit

(Anti-lock Brake System)

Ensures stable braking performance by preventing wheel lock during braking.

Economical Riding Indicator

The Economical Riding Indicator appears on the LCD screen to indicate the rider is performing favorable fuel consumption.

Horizontal Back-link Rear Suspension

A rear suspension system that arranges its shock unit horizontally, greatly contributing to efficient use of space and mass centralisation.

Advanced Technology: Assist & Slipper Clutch

Developed based on feedback from racing activities, an assist cam for a 25% lighter clutch lever feel while a slipper cam helps prevent rear wheel slipping on inadvertently quick downshifts.

Dual Throttle Valves

Increased power and greater ease of use care of a second set of ECU-controlled throttle valves.